Monday, 23 February 2015

12 weeks until go

So the marathon I swore I would never do is in around 12 weeks time. That’s like a month in ‘highly anxious runner’ time.

As the kilometers are increasing week by week, here are some of the things that are getting me through so far -

A running buddy
I have Lee and she’s ace. I’m a late starter into the running buddy thing, my fear of being too slow or whatever always took over when friends would ask. But Lee saw through that crap and now like a glorious sistermance we are owning those hills together.

A decent, properly fitted bra
Obviously. I have an impressive chest and it needs to be secure for those 3+hour shuffles, who has time for under boob chaffing and muscle damage from boobs flailing willy nilly like hyperactive pitball puppies in a sack. Not me.

A training plan
Zoey from Operation Move wrote our plan. For me, having someone else write the plan makes me more accountable and less likely to skip a session.

My god, I’m so fricken hungry all the time and its not just for carbs. Seriously, this is the last jar of Nutella allowed in the house.

Stretchy Pants
Call them compression pants for speedy recovery if you like but they also work well with the above mentioned point.

Bells and whistles
This is all the unnecessary guff that I love. My Garmin, decent playlists and podcasts, body glide, Epsom salt baths, a foam roller for daily punishment and even a hashtag.

And finally……

A sense of humour
Because it hurts. All of it is ouchy. My brain. My body. The 5am alarms, the increasing kilometers before a day at work, the muscle aches, last week even my eye lashes ached. But a crazy night in rolling my butt up and down a hard foam cylinder is enough to keep a wry smile on my face.

For now.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen

I’ve been thinking over the past few months how, if and when I should kill off Mrs Sabbatical.

I haven’t been on sabbatical for ages.

This year I will no longer officially be a Mrs.

The name feels redundant, a story of time gone by.

A whimsical memory of wedding rings, unicorns riding rainbows across the sky and me saying I would never ever, ever run a marathon.

Now, my fingers are bare and I’m up to week 5 of my marathon training plan and fek knows where the unicorn is.

Last year was a test, a pretty crappy one. Time to walk away and leave that one behind.

This year is set to be full of adventure. Crazy has started high school, a marathon (actually I’m taking it as an ultra, thank you very much), an Ambassadorship with the amazing She Science, lots of new races, our kitten Loki and a 40th …… which just happens to be mine. Shit.

So the decision has been made, Mrs Sabbatical is staying – even though its foundation is gone, there’s lots of life to live. 

It's just same same but different.

Mrs Sabbatical is dead. Long live Mrs Sabbatical.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

My Creative - October

I can’t believe we are another month past with the #shakeCreative challenges.

I loved last month’s #shakeCreative challenge so much, it was all about colour and I found myself searching and snapping pics everywhere. 

A pink sleep mask on school camp, the clear blue of the pool, an orange sun shade at the playground, my favourite beige and silver bag, teal Pilate mats on a church hall floor, grey hippo’s in the sun, coral street art on my walk home, crimson leaves baking on the footpath. And plenty of yellow and grey for Zoey and I.

It presented me with an additional daily challenge; finally having to chose just one pic at posting time.

Here are a few of my favourites……

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Run done

After whinging a bit recently about an ouchy ankle, the physio gave me the go ahead and I ran.

Run, walk, shuffle, dance…… it didn’t matter. I got me and my cankle 21.1km around a course last weekend at the Melbourne Marathon festival and it felt amazing.

I said I was going to do four half marathons in 2014 and I did. I trained carefully, I listened to my body and my coach and I took it easy. I lost a few seconds off here and there with each race which felt good, but most importantly to me, I kept moving.

Apart from LizardGate I’ve remained injury free. Bastard lizard.

October last year I did my first half and I never thought I would do six in the following twelve months. My second half followed in December and was incredibly shit, it was the day after MrF told me he was leaving and I pretty much sobbed and heaved my way around the course.

That’s why there was no cheesie selfie that day – I didn’t think I had anything to celebrate.

But I realized that to get me through the year ahead I needed goals to focus on so I picked my races and went for it.

My theory was if I had to run in the morning I had to go to bed early, I would go to bed earlier because I was knackered from running early. I would eat better because I was training. I would be forced to look after myself when there were times that I really didn’t care.

I trained carefully, maybe even under trained a little so I didn’t get injured. No injury meant no stopping which meant I had to keep looking after myself.

And now I’ve done it. I bawled a bit more on Sunday just thinking what an amazing achievement this is, not just with the running but keeping my shit together in what has been an incredibly challenging year.

So now it is time to rest the cankle for a little bit and get ready for next year, you know, I’m thinking it could be time to do a full.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Not such an angry bitch

Image c/- Pinterest

I wish I could get really angry. Alexis Carrington angry. Nonchalantly throwing drinks in the faces of those who displease me.

Slamming down phones after wishing hellfire and VD..... though I realise this is very difficult with an iPhone.

Slapping some dastardly gent across the face with my silken glove (not a metaphor) as I turn sharply on my heel and exit with a flounce.

I’d probably exit to get some ice for the bastard.

Sometimes there are little bursts of anger, teeny tiny ones when I roar like a tradie but they are few and far between. Last one was when I was telling a rather large spider he did not belong in my bathroom. He didn’t look that bothered….. until I mentioned I was about to fashion a home made blow torch, that is.

I’ve heard of some great confrontations that women have had with their ex’es (cutting off every. Single. Button. Off every. Single. Piece of clothing has always been a favourite), but I don’t. Storming out of their bosses office, an old school ‘sticking it to the man’ type outburst, but nope. Not here.

I’ve even let go of grudges. SWTF.

Not saying I’m all Mother Theresa-esque, not at all. Like any sane woman I’ve wished all kinds of horrible venereal diseases on another. There are still times when I visualize a verbal bitch slapping, a good old fashioned public scene, when the crowd looks at the receiver shaking their head in distain. 

Women from all around coming up to high five me as I sit astride my unicorn, a swarm of Disney inspired Blue Tits write “you’re amazing” above me as the sky rains glitter and popcorn flavoured jelly beans.

But even that moves away from the angry into some crazy unicorn inspired world.

I read a quote the other day that I quite liked from Nelson Mandela “As I walked out the door towards the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison”.

What an amazing philosophy to have, here I was just thinking bitterness and hatred gave you wrinkles and I’m way too old and too single to be wanting any more of those.

Image c/- Pinterest

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Fractured fairytale

Last weekend I knocked my third half marathon off for the year.


Running across the Sydney Harbour Bridge just after 6am as the rising sun peaked through misty clouds was magical.  Shuffling around Mrs Macquarie’s chair as the drizzle wet my shoulders, along Darling Harbour around Circular Quay then finishing at the steps of the Opera House.

A brilliant run with fabulous people.

My third half for the year, the next one in just under three weeks.


Staying with my lovely big brother, Crazy and I ate the best Magnums in the world, shopped, walked, ate, laughed, had an amazing weekend and then there was the lizard.

The goddamn stupid fucking lizard.

Walking back from Shelly Beach to Manly a little lizard caught our eye and I slipped. I hit the deck. My ankle went boom. Three days later an X-ray tells me that there is a small fracture.


I might be ok for Melbourne, but probably wont. My goal, my fairytale, was four halves this year so I’m a little down especially after training so carefully.

Stupid f**king lizard.

But the year is not over yet and apparently I can still carb load even if I don’t run and I have an amazing team to support which is brilliant. Or maybe I can run in a moonboot. Not sure yet.

Will just have to see how the next few weeks go.

F**king lizard.

Monday, 15 September 2014

My creative

Here’s a little overview of my #ShakeCreative month so far. It’s been a bit of a challenge, but definitely a fun one and amazing to see how other Shakers are interpreting the daily prompts. 

You can still join in or follow on facey or Instagram.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Letting go doesn’t mean giving up

Today’s #ShakeCreative post was ‘listened’. I listened to my body and did a slow easy 10km (I’m pretty sure, goddam Garmin) whilst I listened to Miley lamenting about her wrecking balls.

It’s two weeks until my next half in Sydney (roadtrip!) and two weeks until end of term. At this point of the term its usually a cold or chest infection that floors me. This time I’m pretty sure its my Crohns. Ulcers are annoying me, my body feels like lead all the time, legs are sore, my stomach is fucked and there are a few weird skin things appearing.

The best thing about Sydney will be Crazy and me hanging with my lovely, big brother, running with Zoey, Kate and Steph and the OpMove team and spending time with friends. 

I know this and my next half wont be breaking any PBs, #fuckIt, at the moment I don’t care if I walk over the Harbour Bridge, the views will be amazing. That will be beautiful. But I said I was doing four half mara’s  this year and thats what I will do. In training I did a very respectable 24km, the elation that followed was a feeling I won’t forget.

So I’ll cruise, meander and shuffle. Letting go of the angst that I should be pushing myself for a decent time, letting go of the guilt of not running more before work in preparation. Letting go of the pressure. 

Letting go will give me more time to enjoy the views. 

Letting go but not giving up.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Refreshing your creative - The Power of Time Off

I watched this clip on Ted last night ‘The Power of Time Off’ and thought it was definitely worth a share..... and not just because the presenter, Stefan Sagmeister, highlights how beneficial sabbaticals can be.

Which they are.

It would be naive to think that everyone could take a year off every 7 from work or everyday life and go and live in Bali (though, how ace would that be), but sabbaticals could be smaller, adapted to suit your life.

This clip looks at how Stefan Sagmeister's sabbaticals have refreshed his creativity and his business. 


Sunday, 24 August 2014

Shake it out

It’s amazing what a bit of sunshine can do.

The first few rays warming the back of your legs through jeans, sunglasses on a little longer, the hope that the clothes horse can be finally put away, the smell of jasmine hanging in the air.

Things feel different. People get a little smilier. A little chattier. A little less shitty. A little more ...... nice!

Except for Crazy, she’s still Scottish, Spring is hot enough for her. But, not for me, I run on solar power and I will happily takes months of nodding sympathetically to an 11 year old lamenting about how hot it is if it means I can get some sun on my skin.

With sunshine comes hope. Shake off the dark, cold days.

Maybe I’m still bullshitting myself, hope shmope. Hope for what? For something. For nothing. Who cares. It just feels good. Time to clean out the dross. Tidy up. Do some crafting. Open windows. Paint stuff (mainly myself). Make stuff. Do stuff. Write stuff. 

Write new stuff. Cool Stuff. Creative Stuff. Shake stuff.

I have this fabulous friend called Zoey, she’s hugely talented and I have a bit of a crush on her and am in awe of all the cool shit she does. Including The Shake, only now she’s asked me to do The Shake with her.

Me. Write for The Shake. #AllTheFreakinAwesome

New seasons. New challenges. New paths. New hope. New adventures.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Fug you

Since December my mind has been in a fug. 

A stupid, fugging roller coaster ride of emotions.

Things feel better and then they are not. I don’t cry for a bit then I can’t stop. I stop eating because I can’t taste then I drown in all the foods. I go on a date and then I never want to ever again. Ever.

I’m more forgetful but more organized. Bills need to be paid, food needs to be bought, meals need to be made. Food passes it’s used by date, spring onions in a sad, flaccid heap at the bottom of the fridge.

Trying to parent on a united front but never feeling more divided. 

Months like an eternity but still only months. 

A cliched playlist.

Fun put to the wayside.

One day the fug will lift, the anger, numbness and disappointment will subside, the hollowness not so deep. A better parent, a happier friend.

Until then, fug you, goddam mother fugger.

Image c/- Pinterest

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Review - Menulog home delivery service

Saturday nights in our house usually consist of a movie and a takeaway. There is quite a bit of discussion on both and we usually agree quickly on the DVD……. which leaves us with pizza most weekends. 

And then there was Menulog.

Crazy and I were asked if we wanted to try Menulog, an online restaurant and delivery service, and write about how you use it and what we thought of it. Some might think of it as selling your soul for a Pad Thai, but it was much more than that…. There were spring rolls, cold rolls plus some delicious rice.

The Menulog site is incredibly easy to use, as simple as putting in your postcode and up pops a veritable smorgasbord of choices. 

Actually, there are over 3,500 choices across Australia, loads of reviews plus an easy rating of the featured restaurants.

A friend who uses Menulog regularly mentioned that he now plays ‘Menulog Russian Roulette’ which was inspiration enough for us. With the handy side bar you can click through the choices you are interested (ie, Thai, burger, vegetarian etc) and up pops a great list of restaurants and their menus.

So this is how we did it:
We went to the Menulog site and entered our postcode.
Up pops a list of list of local restaurants, we could then refined our search to the cuisines we wanted.
Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, getting hungrier and hungrier we chose a local Vietnamese restaurant and then clicked away at the choices. Here we were able to add extra’s to suit our tastes as well.

It was Saturday night, of course I was pinning at the same time

Claim our 20% discount for first delivery, thank you very much.
Decide if we wanted to collect of have it delivered, it was Saturday night and I was already in my trackies so that was easy to choose, home delivery it was!
Check out and pay.
We then received a text confirmation that our order was received and would be on its way shortly, they even gave us an expected delivery time…. Which was accurate, bonus.

Did you know there is even an app to make it even easier to order, nice one.

Crazy, who was feeling a little out of her pizza delivery comfort zone, loved it, and so did I. The food was delicious, delivered quickly, and was easy to order and all in the comfort of my trackies.

Takeaway by candlelight, sitting on the couch watching Dick Van Dyke sing ‘Truly Scrumptious’ was fitting enough.

This was a sponsored post, thank you Menulog for inviting us to try the fabulous and easy online ordering service.