Sunday, 7 April 2013

Reality bites

Melbourne still has the ability to weird me out at times, even after living here for over 3 years, stuff will occasionally happen that just freaks me out.

Last night was an example. 

A very ordinary setting, our local DVD shop, getting a DVD, a very ordinary occurrence for a Saturday night.

We walked in, past a local chatting through his choices of movie for the night. 

I did a double-take. I knew this guy. I knew of this guy. I walked straight over to the Australian movie section, talking through in my head if that was the guy I thought it was. The first poster I see is the manically smily face of his movie. The movie about him, his life and his notorious crimes.


I watched that movie, the actor that played him was incredible, but it was a movie about a very violent chap. This chap, not the actor, was standing here chatting about movies.


This is when it doesn’t feel real. Australia seems, in my opinion, to glamorize crime especially in Melbourne. But that shit is real, with real people, it really happened..... happens and we watch it at 8.30 like it is some imported cop drama.

We watched the first series of Underbelly before we moved to Melbourne like it was an episode of ‘Getaway’. “Ooooooh, that’s got fabulous cafes, let’s live there”.

This guy. He could be a lovely guy, he’s done his time, but I have seen a movie that makes something very real, very distressing, seem very unreal, almost comical.

Crazy is not a kid who is really into guns or violence (though she will happily play ultimate Nerf gun), she doesn’t play Grand Theft Auto or Halo or watch shoot 'em up movies. But she does love Harry Potter.

Harry Potter unleashing ‘expelliarmus’ is not real, there is no confusion there. As fabulous as it is to get caught up in this action packed world - it is not real. There are dragons, warewolves and giants, they don’t shoot shit, there are no guns. I am OK with this, but what if she did want to watch more violent movies? Explaining the news is hard enough.

I don’t have an answer and I am not going to preach what is right or wrong or what our kids should or shouldn’t do with their spare time, or even what we should watch or not watch. This is not some shit drive time radio station.

This post is purely just me trying to figure out what is real and what is not, because sometimes reality telly is just too real.

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  1. Hey Mrs S..very funny. My evil R used to do swimming lessons with a lad at an inner city swim school and I used to chat to his mum about things like possums in their backyard etc. Then one day was confronted by said man in your post and then proceeded to sit next to him the entire lesson and made sure I gave much praise to his son - who was not like his dad at all! He was just like any other parent at a swimming lesson (minus his ear and more ink!) He doesn't live far from you I might add...hilaire...


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