Monday, 15 April 2013

Today I am celebrating....... Pashing

Not passion. Pashing*. 

It’s awesome, it’s fun, it’s sexy and it is not done enough.

I remember my first pash. I was 14 and my friends were polite enough to pretend not to watch. We pashed a lot (me and my boyfriend, not my pals). We broke up. I was devo’ed. Got me a new boyfriend. We pashed a lot. We broke up..... and so on and so on.

During teens and twenties it seems that pashing was the thing to do. Pashing as much as you could. Hellz, there was even the occasional pash n’ dash. 

Then you met the love of your life and pashing was just that bit more awesomer. So much pashing, grown up passionate pashing. Going to work with pash rash and getting a secret “that’s so cool” look from your pals.

After a while the pashing leads to babies.

Then like a cold shower of shitty nappies, the pashing seems to stop. It is too much effort, everyone is too tired to pash. It could lead to something else and that is just too much effort. Sleeping is more appealing.

When you do finally manage a sneaky pash a little person comes and stands between you “what are YOOOOOO doing, get your hands off of her, get ORRRFFF!”.

You start saying good bye with a peck not a pash or god forbid, just a “bye”. A little half-arsed wave, no tongues involved at all. I remember a year after 9/11 watching a program when a widow said how she didn’t kiss her husband goodbye that morning because she had just put her lippy on. The rest is regrettable history.

So I implore you, everyone of you if you have a pashing pal, please show each other some kissy love.

It feels amazing. You’ll feel amazing and there are loads of health benefits like weight loss, skin glow and a relationship sarcasm evaporation** so pash, pash like your life depended on it.

*We love a pash in Australia but you may know it as tonsil hockey, snogging, smooching or sucking face.

**I totally made those things up.

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  1. I love it! We still pash to gross out the kids and to get a quiet moment when the inlaws are here.


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