Thursday, 2 May 2013

I’m no food blogger

I thought I could be a food blogger, but I can’t. 

My relationship with food is a bit of a can’t.

Since March I have been on a low FODMAP diet to assist my IBS and IBD (no dairy, no gluten, selected fruit and veg, blah blah blah, zzzzzzz), finding it really difficult to maintain after starting off so determined, I even got through Easter without any chocolate. 


I could not believe how great I was beginning to feel. Less head aches, less stomach aches, less cramping, less time just hanging out in the bathroom (as you do), more energy..... then I crashed.

Crazy made some crazy-arsed chocolate, marshmallow creation. I tasted a bit and felt a tad dodgy, queue tummy rumblings. We then went out for dinner and I ate a shedload of onion and garlic. Queue the worst pain I have had in years, it was up there with child birth.

I couldn’t move, I could barely breath. The pain was so blinding and I was mentally preparing myself for hospital. After 40 minutes the intensity passed but a lingering pain reminded me why I was doing the old FODMAP malarky. 

Fast forward a month and *crash* - that crash was me this week falling off the wagon and I feel like arse. This is not just my pain, my discomfort, my bitching - it effects the whole family, lets just say if we owned a canary ........ that canary would beg and plead to be allowed to work down the mines rather than hang out at our place.

Joe’s Bar & Diner in St Kilda is launching a new menu tonight - I was honored to be asked to go along and sample their delights. I love Joe’s, Katrina is so skilled and enthusiastic about the food she creates. I wanted to be that food blogger, blogging about all that awesome food in my food blogginess world.

Image c/-  @Joesbar_stk 
But as much as I love great food, it just doesn’t love me. I would love to blog about beautiful wines (don’t drink) that accompanied mouth watering, well seasoned dishes. But no, it's not going to happen, I thought about blogging about my new diet but I fell asleep before I even got to writing about the prep. 

So perhaps you could go for me, go visit Joe’s and enjoy the great food, sample the new menu, try the cinnamon doughnut with caramel dipping sauce and tell me how amazing it was, I am however, off to buy a new canary.

Image source
*This is not a sponsored post. I was asked to try to new Joe's menu but my stoooooopid stomach means that for now I am just drooling over the twitter pics instead and would really love someone to test out the food for me because it does look ace.

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  1. Oh your poor tummy! What a pain in the Ar&* it must be. And you don't drink? Jesus - you are amazing!


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