Saturday, 6 July 2013

I’ll take a slice of guilt with that, thanks

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In particular a big serving of Mother’s Guilt, mmm, mmmm, mmmmm.

We are in the middle of a bit of a vomit-fest here. Not hardcore Exorcist-styley, just regular nocturnal up-chucking for the past three nights rounded off with a massive dose of nausea and general feeling like arse. My pale and pasty baby is not feeling great.

For me good timing as we are not having to take sick days during term time, for her bad timing as she is missing out on holiday time. Today we had to cancel a mini break she has been looking forward to for weeks.

And I am gutted *cue guilt*.

Yes, I am very disappointed for Crazy and her friend, they have been packed for a week, they have been writing letters to each other planning their antics, it was going to be all kinds of tween awesome. There was even the massive lolly purchase for late night snacks.

But I am gutted for me. Me, me, ME.

Three days and two nights of me time. MrF and I had planned dinner (with other grown ups!!) and a movie. Monday was going to be my day, blogging, movie watching, moseying around the hood, few runs and maybe a swim. Tuesday..... oh, a bit more of the same, a solo mardi gras. 

I look at her and I am hurting that she feels so miserable but a few days having a me party would have been so, so nice, I’m such good company.

Then there was more guilt, my parenting by a few concerned others. Had I taken her to the doctor yet, it had been a few days of vom, when I replied no, you get met by that “oh, well, er, perhaps she really should........”  

I heard “WTF you slack arsed mother, DONT YOU CARE!” *cue the guilt chaser to go*

What did I pay $60+ to hear? Just keep doing what I am doing, she’ll get over it in a few days.

Why didn't I trust what I was doing, deep down I know I am good at this. 

So I will take that advice and guilt, bake it into a nice little parenting pie, burn the crap out of it, then ditch it and just keep doing what I am doing..... and get ready for a few more days of Harry Potter DVD’s.


  1. Taz @StressedMumRuns6 July 2013 17:54

    Perfect definition of motherhood is GUILT. There is no win. And that's without the unhelpful judgement of others. Sure hope you get those me days soon. You'll have well & truelly earned it by then...
    Wish the offspring a speedy recovery too x

  2. I don't get mother guilt any more - ain't nobody got time for that! Yes, trust your gut - it's the best present you can ever give yourself. Easier said than done, but it can be done ;-) xx

  3. Need to do that Ash -def aint got time for that judgy shiz x


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