Monday, 22 July 2013

Someone’s having a baby? Really?

At I type furiously there is potential that a Royal baby is crowning.

I don’t really give a shit.

Sure Kate’s pretty, Will just seems hilare and betcha the baby will be cute in a Burberry trench but, m’eh. Too far away and I'm not that fussed.

This got me thinking about me (because our lives are so similar) and when our darling Crazy McTartan Sabbatical was born all those years ago in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. 

To my friends back home who hadn’t seen me preggers, how unrealistic must it have seemed to hear that I had just had a wee one. And this was before I was on Facey, clogging up my feed with awesome growing tummy shots. 

Can you honestly say that there hasn’t been a surprise baby in your FB feed, you’ve logged on one day to find pictures of a friend with a newborn. Double-taking, hang on, where did that come from? 

What about when it is a family member? Can you be as emotionally involved from afar? From another hemisphere? I'm not so sure.

Is old fashioned sharing of news dead? Do we forget to keep in touch, writing less letters instead sticking to 140 characters every once in a while or the occasional text? Over sharing pics of food and under sharing milestones.

Or are we so caught up in our own busy life bubbles that we end up being so emotionally blasé unless it directly involves us or a celebrity?

Do we still care? 


  1. Em!!! That was soo me with Oscar! All the way in Cardiff and whilst there was FB land, surprise surprise I CHOSE to only tell my family and closest yes for many I WAS one of the surprise newsfeed babies with Oscar! Its funny how you talk about 'good ol fashioned writing letters'? the ironic thing was people who I tried to keep in touch with while away and didnt get so much as a 'hello' in return had the audacity to crack the shits at me for not telling them I was pregnant!??! Lets just say we are friends no more...and yes, does it mean with things like facey, that cause someone we havent seen / spoken to since frikkin primary school, because we 'like' something, what does that even mean!?!?!?

    I spend a good time keeping 'lists' on my facebook making sure I only give access to ALL who I consider 'worthy' enough to see all if you know what I mean

    Sorry for the massive ran - you really struck a chord i LOVE love love that pic of you two! xx darlin' Maddy

    1. Loved hearing your story Maddy - I think we are def the same with limited FB access. Isn't it funny also how there is often a lot of chat about keeping in touch but only if it is easy, like putting pen to paper is too hard.
      Rant away - I loved it xx


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