Thursday, 11 July 2013

To all the Charmaine’s and Tyler’s in the world, I salute you

I don’t usually do social commentary - there is enough of that in the bloggysphere without me crapping on but this was gold - champagne comedy.

It wasn’t actually supposed to be funny.

I was looking for a song on YouTube (‘Beggin’ - loving that tune at the moment) when I saw that iTV’s Phil and Holly had got a tad cross on the couch. Holly is like a butterfly - how could she get cross, and the Silverfox? Never.

Here was a lovely example of Britain’s classless society explaining how she judges children on the names that their parents gave them. Katie Hopkins was announcing straight-faced to the UK that she wouldn’t let her children become friends with anyone called Charmaine, Chardonnay, Brooklyn or Tyler because they are probably uneducated slackers.

She then, again straight-faced, went on to list all the types of names she hates including footballer names and place names..... apparently India is not a place which is why she was able to call her daughter that. Who knew?

I grew up in the country, a small town. Gorgeous, lots of fresh air and freedom but there is this thing about small towns. 

Everyone knows everyone, where you came from, what your parents do, and sometimes even what your parents were like at school. Lots of history. Are you telling me there is no judging here?

I can tell you for nothing there is - there is a whole lot of judgey judging going on.

This woman is just doing the same, just on a more shallow and public level.

So tell me, do you judge who your kids play with, even a little bit? A teensy bit? Are you sure? Really, really sure?


  1. this made me laugh with horror. Watching her face when she realised that noone was going to agree with her.

    Stupid woman.

  2. I know! It was quite nuts watching it, and watching her keep talking... and talking

  3. You know what, I think - and shoot me down in flames here, i acknowledge the risk, that this "judging by names" goes on a lot more than we might think. The big difference is that most would NOT go so public...we all think "stuff" that may be hurtful or disagreeable to others, but many of us make the choice NOT to vocalise this "stuff" because of this risk. It helps keep peace in the world. OK so she doesn't like certain names that appear to be popular in certain circles she would not wish to move in. FINE! Just don't go telling people they are beneath you, not only is it rude, you run the risk of being told to get @@##%% - and that might be offensive to you! This woman is actually being used by the media as a "symbol" of dumb middle class, privileged ding bat and THAT is kind of sad too. Why is the world so thick? I once heard a woman who wrote a book on "manners" - that manners were a gentle way of keeping peace in the world, how true!

  4. Oh god - how different it would be if everyone used their manners - bliss


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