Sunday, 22 September 2013

Change in perception

Today many of my lovely team mates from OperationMove are running in the Blackmore’s Sydney Running Festival which is brilliant. In 3 weeks it will be Melbourne’s turn, my turn, time to meet more of my team mates for realz, time to run my first Half Marathon. 

It’s still all a bit mad.

The crazy thing, well, one of them because there are all sorts of bat shit crazy things about running 21.1kms, is that I feel ok about it. I feel ready. I don’t even feel that slow. 

Last week I ran my longest distance before the big day, I ran 19km. That’s right, I said it. NINETEEN kill-Oh-Em-Geee-metres. I did it so slow to hopefully avoid too much strain on my body, but still I did that 2:08 without stopping and I know I could have added on those last few km’s that will be required in a few weeks, and I know I could have done it much faster.

What is weird is how my perception is now changing. I have done the 19 now so I feel calmer, less fearful, there is less thinking about what I can’t do, visualising more what I can, more prepared, ready to start tapering. 

Tapering (lessening my distances so I’m not completely knackered come race day) means that today I am running 16km.

Firstly, I cant believe I am using words like tapering and secondly that I am OK about doing 16km’s. I know my route, I’ll take it easy, I’ll mix up the tunes and I will head out when I’m ready, thinking of my Sydney team mates. I’m not scared of it like I was a few weeks ago. 

It's just a run.

I feel like this has also altered more than my perception about running. I feel in tune with me, my body, my health. I feel like I am becoming more and more the person who I want to be, in fitness, in appearance, in mind. More comfortable in my own skin.


It’s taken over 38 years and and it feels amazing.

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  1. I love that I get to meet you for realz in less than 3 weeks and I love even more that I get to share this special race with you. I totally get everything that you said above, it's the magical thing about running - there is just so much more to it than putting one foot in front of the other and it's a sense of achievement like no other.

    See you very soon, lovely lady xxx

    1. It was weird - after "experiencing" Sydney with all you guys on FB etc I feel like I've done the HM already! I felt like I was there..... perhaps too much Ventolin before my run ; ) It will be amazing to be able to do this with you for real - you can high 5 me when I make it through xx

  2. I can't tell you how much I love this post Emily. It's a post so full of ease and confidence. So happy for you. You have found the sweet spot. Can't wait to meet you! xx

    1. thanks Lee - I had a bit of a wobble after posting it as my run felt so tough, felt a bit like a fraud, but I am getting there, I feel like things are starting to fit together. I cant wait for some decent PP sessions with you xx


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