Sunday, 29 September 2013

Let’s hear it for ‘Pants off Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.......’

Ricki, you seem to have lost your pants. Again.

Now, I love pants off time as much as any 2 year old, but I usually keep this to perhaps a Friday thing, an indoor thing, a home thing.

But it seems everywhere I look at the moment there’s Ricki in her undies. Is she still hanging out in just undies and kicks asking for a piece of apple pie? I’m not sure.

Billboards are telling me that this seems to be the natural progression from singing undie lover to singing undie seller for any “True Aussie Babe”.

Really?! This is our tweenage girls role model?

Excuse me whilst I go and spew in my granny pants.

'Oh mate, I got to tag Ricki's butt'


  1. I was amazed when we returned from London after nearly 7 years that Ricki was still around at all. Does this mean her bum is more talented than her voice? I'm guessing so.

  2. Her bum seems to be getting more publicity than her voice - shame. She is gorgeous and can sing but it seems the lass lost some weight and her pants in the process

  3. I noticed Ricki's butt all over the place too. All kinds of wrong, especially the role model kind of wrong.

    1. It is all kinds of wrong isn't it, super dodgy : (


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