Monday, 7 October 2013

I’ve got nothin’

I wanted to blog. Blog about something other than running and body and mind transformation. 

But, I’ve got nothin’.

I’m sitting here listening to a podcast. It’s about running, pacing, negative splits. (Another Mother Runner - love it!).

I went to the amazing Finders Keepers craft market on Saturday. So many of my favourite exhibitors were there, but didn’t buy anything as saving my money for a social and inking blowout with my OperationMOVE pals.

I have a very special relationship this week with my foam roller that I could share but I swear that’s running related also. 

There are some gross pictures of the bones they removed from my foot - but I will turn that around to make it about running. I couldn’t run, now I can. Hallelujah! It’s a miracle.

Shit - I even went and saw Turbo during the school holidays and started visualising Snoop Dogg and Ryan Reynolds pep talking me through my half. God, those snails are wise.

Team Fox? Aye, right you are
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So I’ve got nothing. Running is what I live and breathe at the moment and like a born again evangelist who has just given up smoking crack, it seems I can't help but share the light I’ve seen...... constantly. To anybody that can read. Or who likes pictures of Ryan Reynolds.

Somebody distract me, with anything! But running boards on Pinterest are preferred.

I swear things will change soon, things will be more interesting, I just have another race after this, then there is another in December, then I am thinking about learning how to do a triathlon...... but for now, right now, there is a foam roller with my name on it wanting a bit special alone time. 

Yeah, he's running in this clip. I just can't stop myself.


  1. That's your life at the moment. I went to craft fair on the weekend and pretty much bought nothing too - couple of clips that cost $2 Not like me at all.

    1. I was the same, a few Christmas cards. So many pretty things, but hey, another time..... gotta save up for all those Gu's, skins, Garmins....... ; )

  2. I hate my foam roller. Amazing how something that does so much good can be so detested but I hate it ... but I get the special relationship you're having with it.
    I'm a huge fan of running related posts so GO FOR IT!

    1. After reading your comment I was wondering if I was doing the foam roller thing wrong..... found a few different moves and OMG!! ouch ouch ouch. No cuddles for the roller tonight ; )

  3. I would love to be that passionate about something.

  4. Lets get together over a virtual cuppa and chat about Mr Darcy - now there is something to be passionate about ; p *swoooons*


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