Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy Hogmanay

Hey you, how’s your year been?

For me, this year has been a bit mad, so busy, but good busy.

Work has been really enjoyable but it has kept me from being all bloggy which I need to work on better for next year.

A highlight has definitely been watching my baby girl, Crazy, grow up and be all legendary. She’s amazeboz.

Two and half crochet blankets, bunting, decorations and loads of other crafty shit have kept me hooking like mad.

I learnt to ski (well, stay upright for a bit, fell over loads more).

We went hiking which was way more fun than I ever thought it could be, 2 snakes and peeing on the tent perhaps a highlight/lowlight, I’m still deciding. Crazy thrilled that she could say she has hiked marathon distance.

I did some running. Loads of sweaty shuffling, slow and steady I knocked off two half marathons and 1,000 (recorded) shuffling kilometres. That’s a bit mad, isn’t it?

And I met, and spent time with, my amazing friends doing some crazy fun shit together.

Next year will be a tough one, probably one of my toughest yet. I know that about 2014 already. But I also know that I have an amazing team around me, some fabulous moving challenges and I am going to attempt to stop staying 'awesome', which will be fekking hard work.

Enjoy 2014, fabulous party peeps xx


  1. Ah so jealous of your 1000 kms of running and your 2 half marathons. I hope that will be me next year!

  2. Thanks Kelly - you've had a pretty amazing year yourself! Have a fabulous 2014 x


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