Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Motivation to reward

Running has been a bit of a struggle this year, my motivation has buggered off some place else. 

Last year I tracked 1,000km and my brain has sort of gone “nice one, you’ve done that running thing now. What’s next? How about sleeping?”.

But I have a plan, a few half marathons booked in, training goals each week that are being modestly and mostly ticked off.

The last three Sunday’s I have done my long slow distance (LSD) of 10km, ready to build up again to 23km and beyond. Each time waking up knackered after not sleeping well, a little mental ping pong before getting out of bed. 

Do you really want to do this? 

Yes, it will be great once I’m out. 

But you’re knackered and this bed is snuggly. 

I have a new mix I want to listen to, it will be good. 

But your hip/ankle/knee/heart is sore. 

It will loosen up. 

And so I go.

Go and spend the next hour singing, bad singing drowning out my over analysing of too much shit. Epiphany's flying back and forth, amazing revelations and plans that seem nuts once I get home and wipe the sweat off. 

My own runligious experiences. 

Rewarding myself, not running to punish for that bagful of Maltesers, rewarding, strengthening, getting leaner, healthier. Physically and mentally stronger.

Doing something I don’t think I want to do but knowing I do. Remembering how good it will feel even when it feels shit. Looking for the motivation to reward.

What’s your run?


  1. How do you do it?? I have sabotaged myself so badly lately when I am supposed to be doing everything 'right' - you may become my guru Emily - teach me how to not feck up ALL THE TIME!?? You rock m'lady - just keep running - remember you aren't running away from anything, just running to something good - does that make sense??

    1. thanks lovely and yes! makes so much sense xx

  2. My reward is the kudos, claps and pats on the back my team gives me, it makes me want to go further and faster.

    Here are some tips for you:

    1. Get a running partner, amaze how losing the music and a bit of banter changes things

    2. Change your LSD - maybe Sunday isn't your fun day - juggle it up and try Wednesday the hump day or even sitting down Sat ur day

    3. Try a different training regime run away from home about 15mins away and try to get back in 10

    4. Lose the shoes and barefoot it on an oval do intervals to make it interesting fast to one set of goal posts and then really almost walking slow to the other do this for 20-30 mins - Grass as the ras ta farian brothers will tell you is the elixir of life - tired limbs sick of pavements and shoes recover on this weed err lawn.

    5. Massage, get a pro to soothe you all over with essential oils of muscle life

    6. Choose a different route (route as in path) take a trail instead of the pavement

    1. Good points Flash, thanks - always good to mix things up. Thanks for the strava invite but..... computer says no ; )

  3. sorry forgot to add my team on strava - you really should get on

  4. Well done you! The challenging times make you stronger. Sounds cliche bit it is true. I've been running everyday....literally. sometimes just a mile but it has made getting pot of the house a no brainer or at least the head conversation has changed to when can I fit it in today not if.
    Also I have done new running clothes. :) feeling good in those keeps too!

  5. Thanks Kdog- you still have to take a lot of the credit for planting the seed all those years ago. I think I will do something similar, even if it is just a km for head clearing.... and I love new running gear, so bonus. Nuts to think my most expensive shoes are Brooks not heels. Big love xx


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